How to redeem your points

For one-time purchases and new subscriptions, points will appear on a slider bar at checkout and you can decide how many you'd like to redeem.

For existing subscriptions, there are a couple of extra steps required to redeem your points, detailed in the FAQ below.

Free products need new module

Once you create an account, you will earn points for every GBP spent. Points will be automatically added to your account for you to redeem on future purchases. Besides making a purchase, you can also earn points by: creating an account, writing a product review, and providing your birthday, following U Beauty on social medias, signing up for our newsletter or subscribing to one of our products.

Points may be redeemed on future U Beauty purchases. Every 500 points equals £15 off. When placing your order, you can decide of many of your points you would like to use at checkout. (Make sure you're logged in to your U Beauty account first).

Nope :)

You can redeem as many points as you like, directly at checkout (make sure you're logged in to your U Beauty account first!)

Yes. U Beauty points expire 1 year after you earn them.

You need at least 500 points in order to apply your balance at checkout.

Points will directly correlate with your purchase value. If you make a full return, the points will be fully refunded too. If it’s a partial refund, only the corresponding points will be refunded to your account.

Absolutely—when your product ships, you earn points.

To redeem them on your upcoming subscription order, login to your account by clicking here and go to "Redeem Points on Subscriptions" in that same account page.


If you're purchasing a subscription for the first time, just proceed to the checkout page where you will be able to decide how many points you would like to redeem.

If you're an active subscriber and would like to apply your points to a future shipment, go to "My Account > Redeem Points on Subscriptions". You will be able to select how many points you want to redeem and apply them on your next subscription upcoming shipment.

Not to worry! Just log into your account—we've already dropped 100 points in there to get you started.

No, points may not be redeemed in conjunction with other discounts on the same order.