2022 The Byrdies Beauty Awards - Best Overnight Mask


U Beauty The Barrier Bioactive Treatment


  • Sophisticated formula
  • Hydrates skin overnight
  • Strengthens and repairs the skin barrier for plump, glowing ski

"I have literally never had a skincare product work so quickly and so dramatically. I tested it while I was adjusting to a prescription retinol, and it got rid of all my irritation and crusty flakes in two days. I was worried it would break me out, as many richer creams do, but the cushy texture only helped calm any red pimples that were brewing. It makes my makeup apply better in the morning and makes my skin feel plump and bouncy—even in the dead of winter. I generally believe pricey skincare is a bit of a scam, but I truly can’t live without this stuff."
- Bella Cacciatore, news editor