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The foundational routine featuring our two original power players... Learn more

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A futuristic formula that's one part next-gen moisturizer, one... Learn more

Color:Shade 01Fair with rosy undertones
Shade 01
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Brighten, resurface, tighten, renew, and equalize in a single... Learn more

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A breakthrough oil-hydrator hybrid built to prevent dry, dehydrated... Learn more

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A transformative treatment that plumps and contours the lips... Learn more

Color:Universalis a glossy clear.
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A complete contouring treatment that targets the visible effects... Learn more

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Inspired by the immortal jellyfish, this highly concentrated, restorative... Learn more

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A next-generation treatment that visibly reduces discoloration, dark spots,... Learn more

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A breakthrough body exfoliant for smooth skin free of... Learn more

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Body moisturizer, radically reinvented: Featuring a novel formulation of... Learn more

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Our Promise

Simplified Routine

Smarter formulas that save both your skin and your time: We harness the power of science to streamline your routine like never before.

Siren Technology

U Beauty’s proprietary technology delivers real results where your skin needs to be treated–and nowhere it doesn’t–for maximum efficacy, without irritation.


The new guard of luxury eliminates the need for more: We’re shifting the industry standard through multifunctional products with non-toxic ingredients and recycled, recyclable packaging.

U Beauty is...

U Beauty is...

Clean, multifunctional skincare designed to simplify your daily skincare regimen without sacrificing results.

Leaping Bunny Certified

How do I pick which products are best for me?

All our products are designed to work synergistically for the best possible results: Each product delivers its own benefits and addresses unique skin concerns. For example, if you want resurfaced, hydrated skin on a daily basis, The Duo is for you. If you’re looking to treat hyperpigmentation, or simply want an SPF with brightening benefits, add The Multimodal Defender to your routine.

Do I still need to use other products?

The easy answer? No, you don’t. Driven by proprietary SIREN Capsule Technology, our deliberate formulas deliver all the boosting ingredients your skin needs, exactly where it needs and nowhere it doesn’t for. (Unlike other products that deposit a high concentration of ingredients all over the skin, even in areas you don’t need.)

Compromised skin gets what it needs for repair and renewal, while the balance of healthy skin is maintained. That’s why it works so effectively without irritation. So you really don’t need to continue using your other products.

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Simply click on Account in the website menu and choose Manage Subscriptions and you can make any changes you want. If you want to alter the address where your subscription gets delivered, reach out to and we’ll update it for you.

What if I forget about my subscription?

Each month, we’ll send you a reminder email a few days before we ship your next bottle (and charge your card on file), so you have total control. You can pause, cancel or restart your subscription anytime you want, no questions asked.

What are the subscription terms & conditions?

"The U Beauty" provides a subscription service. By subscribing to our service, you will receive 20% off the selected products during the lifetime of your membership. Memberships cannot be transferred and once you subscribe you have confirmed that you accept our Terms of Service. Your membership will automatically renew on a recurring basis at which time your credit card will be charged automatically for the subscription products, including applicable shipping and handling fees until you cancel your membership. There is no commitment to your subscription and you may cancel your membership at any time by logging in to your account, selecting Subscriptions, then clicking cancel next to the item. If you would like to pause or skip a shipment, you can do so anytime.

How do I edit my payment method or use my rewards points to pay for my subscription?

If you need to change the payment method linked to your subscription, click here to login to your account page, then go to "Manage Subscriptions". At the bottom of the "My Subscriptions" page, you will see a section "Update your credit card for all subscriptions".

If you have earned rewards points that you would like to apply on the payment of your next subscription shipment, login to your account by clicking here and go to "Redeem Points on Subscriptions" in that same account page.