Tina's Sunday Reset

Tina shares her best-kept advice for mastering the art (and science) of relaxing.

Resurfacing Body Compound

“My version of the ‘everything shower’ includes lathering up with Nécessaire The Body Wash, followed by the Resurfacing Body Compound from head to toe for post-rinse polish.”

60-Day return promise

The RETURN Eye Concentrate

“I help awaken my eyes for the week ahead with an extra application of The RETURN, followed by a gentle massage with Nurse Jamie’s Eyeonix tool.”

60-Day return promise

The MANTLE Skin Conditioning Wash

“I start and end each day with meditation, but it’s especially important on Sunday evenings, when I’ll meditate while wearing The MANTLE as a nourishing mask.”

60-Day return promise

Multimodal Defender Broad Spectrum SPF30

“I like to take extra time with my skincare, including 15 minutes with the LYMA Laser. I finish with the Multimodal Defender as an overnight treatment for even-brighter skin by morning.”

60-Day return promise